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Orange Pekoe black tea

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What Exactly is Orange Pekoe?

I often get asked what the difference is between English Breakfast and Orange Pekoe tea?

Orange Pekoe refers to the grade of black tea. “Pekoe” specifically refers to the first two new leaves from the tea bud that are picked by hand called “New Flushes”

Pekoe pronounced “Pek-ho” comes from the Chinese language meaning White downy hairs, referring to the soft hairs on the new tea leaves.

Orange is believed to be a reference to the Dutch Royal Family, The House of Orange. The Dutch East India company was responsible for much of the tea trade in Europe in the 1600’s.

Per 250 ml of H2O: 22mg caffeine / 650 umol antioxidant

Temp: 90C

Time: 3-4 mins