Matcha Uji - Ceremonial - VIRTUE Tea
Matcha Uji - Ceremonial - VIRTUE Tea
Matcha Uji - Ceremonial - VIRTUE Tea
Matcha Uji - Ceremonial - VIRTUE Tea


Matcha Uji - Ceremonial

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This matcha green tea powder tea has all the characteristics of a high quality ceremonial matcha. It smells sweet, tastes smooth, and is velvety on the tongue. 

The best matcha in the world comes from a small region in Japan called Uji. We source our matcha from a family run plantation in Uji who have a great respect for their land and for the quality of their product. Seriously, this matcha is quite amazing! 

40g per air sealed tin.

Origin: Uji, Japan.

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David B.
Canada Canada
One of the best in the country

It will take a lot for me to switch to any other matcha now! I got “in” to matcha in Victoria, going right for the country’s finest matcha supplier (think 5 grades of matcha up to $50 a 20g packet!!), but you have to pay for that quality! This matcha is almost as good but half the price which makes it the new “best” in the country in my books. Not recommended for smoothies or cooking… but with a proper matcha whisk and bowl in warm water (under 80c) or in an oat milk latte (so good!). The premium matcha has been great for smoothies and other blended uses, though almost as tasty on its own. The ceremonial is just one notch higher for those matcha purists like myself :)

VIRTUE Tea Matcha Uji - Ceremonial Review
Abby V.
Canada Canada
Delicious & great quality


Kimberly D.
Canada Canada
Best Matcha Ever!!!

I have never tried a better matcha. So smooth and creamy, beyond my expectations!!!

Canada Canada
Sweet and green, like spring grass

A must-buy for matcha drinkers! I started drinking matcha many years ago after a trip to Japan when I discovered that this gentler caffeinated drink gave me the morning boost I needed without the acidity of coffee. Since then I’ve been on the search for the best matcha I could find from the Uji region of Kyoto. My search ended when I discovered Virtue Ceremonial Uji matcha. It is fragrant and bright green with a gentle sweetness on the palate. I have been drinking it for two years now and won’t drink any other kind. I trust the quality and sourcing of this tea coming from a small Canadian company that is hands on with their tea sources.


Thank you so much Anne-lii for the kind words and your trust! - Alex

Pink &.
Canada Canada
Only matcha I drink

I’ve been drinking the ceremonial matcha for about a year now, it’s an important part of my daily routine. The quality is reflected in the colour itself, and the premium flavor and ritual of making elevate each morning.


I couldn't agree more Nadine. It's part of my everyday routine too. Thanks! - Alex